Should I use screen printing?


If your logo or message covers a large area, is 1-4 colors and you are looking to produce a higher quantity of garments, screen printing is for you. Because of the intensive set-up, your costs are lower with a higher quantity, however, at ACME, you can mix and match your product to minimize your cost.


BMI Hopkins 4 color, 4 station screen press

  • Micro registration for accurate alignment of multiple colors.
  • Top of the line design software coupled to a double black film printer produces perfect art for screen production.
  • We have our own darkroom and vacuum exposure system for crisp, accurate screens.
  • On site custom mixing of Pantone Color inks to match your colors perfectly every time.
  • A production conveyor dryer cures the apparel quickly and properly.

How does it work?

How should I send you my artwork?


Original artwork must be in vector format. Each color is then separated and a film negative is produced. The film negative printout is then placed on a stretched screen coated with light sensitive emulsion and exposed to light creating the “screen”. The screens are then locked onto the framework and each screen is set on the garment and ink is squeegied onto the garment. Once complete, the garment is sent through a heat processor to “bake” the image onto the garment.



Screen Printing

Heat Application

Digital Print